First Words for Toddlers Series

Four fun Android/iOS apps to teach toddlers their first words!

First Words 1: Animals

Fun on the Animal Farm

Help your child to learn about animals!  First Words for Toddlers 1: Animals, aids in language and fine motor development for the littlest app players.

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First Words 2: Fruits

Fruits of Fun

Introduce your child to 15 popular fruits through First Words for Toddlers 2: Fruits, a mobile app targeted towards children ages 1-2 or those learning to speak.

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First Words 3: Sea Animals

Under the Sea Adventure

Dive into the ocean for an underwater exploration of sea animals!

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First Words 4: Veggies

Come join the Veggie Circus

Welcome to the Veggie Circus, where children ages 1 to 2 and those learning to speak will learn 15 popular vegetables.

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